14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

about this. You want the crate to be a place they are happy to be in and they might get confused
when it is used for punishment.
While it is important to be patient when training a puppy to behave properly, it is also important
to scold the puppy or reward the puppy for their behavior when it happens. Make sure that the
puppy knows immediately if they have done something right or wrong.
Basic commands
Much of your time spent teaching a puppy tricks will be involved on basic behaviors. Howling,
chewing, and barking are all important tricks that your puppy needs to learn. But what about the
other tricks that many dog owners like to see their puppy do? Can you teach a puppy some basic
commands at an early age?
The answer is that you can teach young dogs new tricks. They may not always learn them easily,
but with patience and persistence, a puppy can learn a few simple tricks to show everyone.
Roll over – When teaching this trick, choose a soft surface such as grass or carpet. The
puppy first needs to be taught to lie down. Speak in a firm, but not an aggressive voice
when issuing the command. Once the dog is lying down, use a treat and a gentle motion
with your hand to get them to roll over. Keep repeating the process with the command to
roll over until the puppy is doing it on their own.
Shake Paw – This is an easy command for puppies to learn. Try putting your hand in
front of the dog as you say the command. If the dog does not put the paw in your hand,
gently lift the paw and shake it up and down. Reward the dog for the behavior. Keep
repeating the command and picking up the paw until the puppy does it without your help.
Jumping through a hoop – This trick is a little harder, but the principles are the same.
Make sure you have enough room for the puppy to do this. O ffer them a treat if they go
through the hoop. You can start out with the hoop on the ground and getting the puppy to
walk through. Gradually raise the height of the hoop until the puppy is jumping through
Not all puppies will be able to learn these tricks at a young age. It is something that requires
time and patience. Eventually a puppy will start to perform the tricks that you want to see. The
key for the teacher is to be consistent. You have to be willing to devote the time that is needed
on a regular basis. This is the best way to reinforce the behavior that you want. If more than one
person is working with the puppy, make sure you are all doing it in the same way. That
consistency is important to the puppy.