14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Always learn to monitor your puppy during the socialization experiences. If you see your puppy
cowering at his own party, it means he has not lear ned anything good about strangers. Ensures he
has the right amount of exposure and praise him for his efforts. Give him a special treat when he
does something good with people. You may also consider enrolling your puppy in puppy classes
where he will be taught basic socialization skills. Consider this to be a puppy kindergarten class.
Teaching Your Puppy
There are many things that your puppy will have to learn. It is important to remember that it is a
puppy and will not immediately behave in the manner that you want. As you try to teach your
puppy’s basic discipline and how to interact with other, the teaching techniques that you use are
very important. If you use the wrong techniques, your puppy will not understand what behavior
you expect from him. When you use the right techniques, the puppy will quickly learn what is
right and what is wrong.
A Rolled up Newspaper
This technique has been used many times. When a puppy does the wrong thing, they are hit on
the nose with a rolled up newspaper. It is no different that spanking a child who has misbehaved.
It is not the best way to teach a child and it is not the best way to teach your puppy. Hitting with
a newspaper is a destructive way to teach a puppy. It is much better to use constructive
techniques that reward the puppy when they behave properly.
Another training technique is to rub the dog in the mess they make in the home. This is another
technique that does not work. Any type of destructive technique to train your puppy needs to be
Use Positive Reinforcement
When you are training the puppy, make sure they are rewarded when they do the right things. If
they use the bathroom outside instead of inside the hose, let them know that they did a good job.
The type of positive reinforcement can vary. You can use treats to reward good behavior. You
can also tell them they are a good puppy and pat them on the head. Either way the puppy will try
to repeat the behavior to get the reward again.
Another key to training a puppy is patience. Even though you are training them in the right way,
they will still do things that are considered to be bad behavior. You can let the puppy know they
have done wrong. O ne punishment can be time spent in their crate, but you need to be careful