14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

to differentiate between what should be chewed on and what should not is important.
Teach him gently but firmly. In time, he will learn to differentiate between what is right
and what is not.
Greeting people in the Home
One of the first things that people do when they have guests come over is to put the dog in
another room and close the door. Or they use the dog crate to keep the dog from becoming a
pest to their guests. Instead of locking the dog up when people come over is to teach them to
behave when people come to the home. They should not bark when the doorbell rings and they
should not race to the door to greet the guests. This type of behavior by the puppy should not be
It is also very important to teach the puppy not to jump up on a guest as they enter the home or to
lick the hands of the person. Inappropriate sniffing also needs to be discouraged. Puppies can be
taught how to behave properly when guests arrive as long as you are consistent and have
When you notice that people do not want to come over to your home after you have gotten a new
puppy, you might want to think about how your puppy behaves when guests arrive. With the
right amount of time and training, your guests will not even realize that you have a new puppy in
the home.
Improving your puppy’s socialization skills
In simple terms, socialization means learning to be a part of the society. Socialization in regards
to puppies means helping them become an integral part of the human society. This makes to feel
comfortable with humans, environments, building, noises, sights and smell. Most times, puppies
learn socialization skills all by themselves. Thy do not need any special training to do this. Then,
again, it is also important to aid your puppy though this process.
The best time to socialize your puppy is from 3 weeks of age. After 18 weeks of age it becomes
increasingly difficult for them to accept new experiences and may likely be wary of people and
events. Socialization for puppies is very important because it teaches them social skills that will
make them become much more enjoyable and relaxed. It reduces the possibility of aggression in
your puppy. The wider the variety of experiences, your puppy is exposed to, the better his
chances of relating well to these conditions.
The ways to social your puppy is to take him places, events, see sights, let him experience
sounds such that you would be comfortable with him in these conditions. It all depends on the
type of lifestyle you planned for you puppy. Basically take him out and let him perceive sight
and sound of trains, garbage trucks, and school yards of screaming children, crowds, cats,
livestock or crying infants.