14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

You will find many places that offer training classes for both you and your puppy. You need to
understand that you are an important part of the equation when it comes to training your puppy.
When you look for classes, you can check several different places
Your veterinarian may be able to provide recommendations about the classes you need
The local animal shelter may offer classes or will know places that do
The local pet store may offer classes or will have a list of trainers that offer the classes
Friends and relatives could provide the recommendations that you need
When you are looking for classes you will need to make sure that you will be able to make it to
the classes with your puppy. You can turn over all of the training of your puppy to another
person, but how will your puppy recognize you as the pack leader when you do this. The classes
will not only teach your puppy what to do, it will also teach you the techniques you need for your
puppy. Many classes require the person accompanying the dog to be at least 16 years old.
Check this requirement before enrolling in any class.
Once you have signed up for the class, make sure you attend. It is in you and your puppy’s best
interest to attend all of the classes so that the training is done consistently.
Instructional videos can be an alternative to people who cannot find a class that they can attend.
You can use these videos when they are convenient for them. They are very effective if they are
used correctly. Consistency is the key to using videos. Try to do the training at the same time on
a regular basis. Keep the training environment similar so that the puppy will know that it is time
to learn.
The downside of videos is the inability to get feedback from the experts who made the videos.
You will have to rely on yourself to make sure that the techniques you are doing are working.
You can use books in the same way that you use the videos. The techniques that you learn in the
books can be taught to your puppy. The support that is offered with books is not very good.
You may not be sure if you are doing things right. The only way you can tell is by the behavior
of your puppy. If you are getting the behavior that you want, you will know that you are doing it
Online resources for training can include videos and written material. This is a combination of
the videos and books that may be more comprehensive than using one method. You will also
have access to support person’s to help guide you as you train your puppy.