14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

A collar and leash may be your best friend
Collars and leashes allow you to have a better control of your puppy especially when going for
walks. It helps in teaching skills and discipline to your puppy. There are different types of
leashes available for your leash. Before you make the choice of what type of leash to use,
consider which ones better serve your needs.
If you are thinking of taking your puppy for walks in the park, the flexi- lead leashes are
your best bet. It helps the puppy be able to explore away from you. The length means
your puppy can have a measure of independence while still under your custody.
However, using this type of leash is not a good idea if you are in an area with high foot
traffic or off-leash dogs. This is because the line may wrap around your puppy’s necks or
around a person or another dogs leg.
Chain leashes look really nice and are good for puppies who like to tug and bite the leash.
However, metal leash are much heavier than you think; they are heavier than nylon or the
The use of leather leashes are encouraged because they are the easiest to hold on the
If you are considering going for nylon leashes, be aware that they can cut into the hands
or even give your puppy a “leash burn”. The good thing going for nylon leashes is that
they hold up well after repeated exposure to the elements.
Training Classes
There are plenty of people that can train their puppy on their own. There is nothing wrong with
this. If you are confident in your ability to train your puppy, go for it. It is a fun experience that
you and your puppy will remember. The bonds you form with your puppy while training t hem
can last a lifetime. But what do you do if you are not sure how to train your puppy? Where can
you turn?
Training classes can be done as early as 6 weeks. It is a good idea to wait until the puppy is a
little older before enrolling in any classes. Most classes can be done for puppies up to one year
There are solutions for people who need help potty training and leash training their dog. You
can find experts who will teach you how to be the pack leader. The choices you have include
instructional videos, online support, books and classes. You need to figure out which one of
these will fit in your schedule and your budget.