13 Pillars of Internet Marketing HTML version

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Pillar #7 – Link Building
There are a variety of right and wrong ways to build links to your website.
Building up good quality, relevant links has to be an integral part of any search
engine optimization strategy.
However, bear this in mind – link building is about quality, relevant links and
not about the number of links. While I believe it to be a little easier to ‘game’
Yahoo or MSN search with simply generating a large volume of links that point
to your website, this is a short-term game. Although it didn’t in the past, Google
certainly now prefers quality over quantity – and that isn’t going to change in the
The consistent approach works best
You need to view your link building strategy as an ongoing project. Attempting
to get 1,000 links to your site this week and then thinking ‘that’s my link building
done!’ will have little or no impact.
When developing your link building strategy you need to think about how links
would evolve to a web page naturally, and do your best to try to mimic the
evolvement of links in a similar manner.
You have to remember that Google and other major search engines have now
been going for more that 10 years, and in that time they’ve continually improved
the manner in which their software works. Good search engines do this for 2
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