13 Pillars of Internet Marketing HTML version

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Pillar #1 – Keyword Research
Keywords are the phrases that people type into search engines to find a
product or service.
At the very beginning you need to make sure all the different pages on your
website are targeting the right keywords - the phrases that people are likely to
type into search engines in order to find the product or service that you offer.
The keyword phrase myth
There is a myth that the best scenario is to appear at the top of Google’s search
results for a really popular word that relates to your industry. However, this is a
mistake because if you’re doing this then the chances are that you are focusing
on your competitors instead of your own prospective customers. The keywords
that you need to focus on are the ones that provide great conversion rates for
your website in addition to a reasonable amount of website visitors (traffic).
Conversion rates are measured by calculating the number of visitors to your
website divided by those that go on to undertake the action required in order to
reach your ultimate goal.
If you’re a college or university you may think, ‘Oh, it would be fantastic just to
appear at the top of Google for the keyword search ‘college’. Not necessarily. For
instance you might offer very specific courses. You obviously cover just a specific
locality – and a specific price bracket. Therefore, you are not likely to get very
good conversion rates from just that one word.
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