13 Pillars of Internet Marketing HTML version

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Pillar #6 – Press Releases
Online press releases are slightly different to conventional offline press
releases. Conventional press releases are targeted at encouraging a journalist to
reprint part or all of your release in their publication. However, in addition to
targeting journalists, an online press release also needs to focus on tow other
The end reader – your target market may end up reading your online press
release on a press release website.
Search engine optimization – many press release websites have significant
authority with search engines because of the volume of original material which is
regularly published. Because of this, an online press release should be structured
in an optimized manner.
Online press releases should also help you by increasing your brand awareness,
and increasing your number of leads.
Online press releases as part of your internet marketing strategy
An online press release can be one of the most effective methods of promoting a
new website. And one of the great things about an online press release
submission is that it doesn’t have to cost anything near to the cost of submitting a
press release through a conventional PR agency.
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