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Pillar #4 – Autoresponders
Autoresponders aren’t just an automatic email response delivered by your
email software when you are out of the office. They can be an extremely
effective part of your internet marketing arsenal. Among other things,
autoresponders can deliver personalized broadcast e-mails and newsletters to
your entire email list – at a predetermined time. Pillar #4 Autoresponders looks
at the best autoresponder software available; how to build a responsive and
worthwhile list of recipients; as well as building relationships with your contact
list so that you improve your email conversion rates over time.
What are autoresponders?
Autoresponders are anything delivered by email automatically at a
predetermined time that can be partly personalized for the recipient.
Because these emails often include people's names, the recipients commonly
think that they are receiving personal emails from you, rather than an automated
e-mail machine!
An autoresponder sequence can be set up so that e-mails are delivered on a set
day of the month or over intervals of time after somebody subscribes.
Autoresponder sequences can be as long or as short as you want – when people
subscribe to your updates, you can decide if they should receive an email after 2
days, 10 days, 21 days, or even as much as 5 years.
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