13 Pillars of Internet Marketing HTML version

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Pillar #3 – Blog Technology
Blog technology is how I prefer to describe the marketing benefits of
blogging. I view a blog as a great piece of technology rather than an online
journal or diary. Many businesses dismiss blogs as informal online diaries in
which people voice opinions. However, the technology behind a blog can be
harnessed as a powerful Internet marketing medium for business – and the
communication style can be any style you like.
Pillar #3 Blog Technology covers:
- What a blog is
- A review of some of the different types of blogging software available
- How to quickly and easily personalize a blog with the use of themes and
- What Pinging and RSS feeds are and how they impact internet marketing
- Why Podcasting is so closely related to blogging and how to use a blog to start
your own podcast
What is a blog?
Wikipedia describes a blog as being a website with entries made in a journal
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