13 Pillars of Internet Marketing HTML version

Pillar #2 – Website Design
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Pillar #2 – Website Design
Website design, pillar #2, aims to make the best use of the keywords you
have chosen for your site. In addition this pillar helps you position your
keywords in the most appropriate places on your site.
The main aspects of pillar #2 consist of behind the scenes coding, navigation
structure, onsite optimization, the precise relevance of each page and improving
conversion rates.
Behind-the-scenes coding
The ‘behind the scenes’ coding on any website needs to be as efficient as possible
to assist with search engine optimization.
When designing sites using software such as Dreamweaver, although it’s
constantly getting better, surplus and repeated code can sometimes still be
generated. For example, in Dreamweaver, if you highlight some text and make it
bold, then remove the bold at a later point, some duplicate code has been known
to be produced.
Note that this isn’t any slight on Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver is probably one
of the best pieces of software available for designing a beautiful website without
any knowledge of HTML code – but you can never 100% replicate the ability of a
human website coder.
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