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The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing – In a Nutshell
If you’d like a recap, or you’re revisiting the book for a quick summary, here
are the 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing ‘in a nutshell’…
PILLAR 1: Keyword Research
There are several paid-for, and a couple of free keyword research tools that you
can use. But what is keyword research? Keyword research and the correct posi-
tioning of those keyword phrases makes sure that your web page is targeted to-
wards the phrases that people actually type into search engines. Keyword re-
search tools work by analyzing previous search trends.
Here’s a bullet-point summary of Pillar #1 – Keyword Research:
Structure your site correctly to begin with. You know what your business is
about and what your home page is about. Make sure your keywords reflect
your business purpose.
You should aim to structure your website in a logical manner for both users
and for search engines.
After you choose your home page keyword phrase, choose your site
categories. What categories represent your business? Brainstorm ideas and use
resources such as an online thesaurus, KWmap, Wordtracker and the Google
External Keyword Tool to come up with 10-30 relevant categories for your
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