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Pillar #13 – The Evolving Web
The evolving web means that the World Wide Web continues to rapidly
change – and therefore so must also your internet marketing strategy.
Three stages of web development
There will be at least three stages of web evolvement that you need to be aware
of. So far there has only been two distinct stages – but the next stage is just
around the corner.
The three stages of web development: (from an internet marketing perspective)
Stage 1: Web 1.0 – 1996 to 2004
Stage 2: Web 2.0 – 2004 to ?
Stage 3: Web 3.0 - ? to ?
The evolvement of the web and how this impacts marketing activities
The web has evolved as a marketing medium since the mid 1990s. Back then the
internet could be described more as one-way source of information. Web pages
were viewed, read and/or printed out. The internet was a good resource for
researching information. Any marketing that occurred was based on existing
offline advertising techniques.
Pillar #13 – The Evolving Web reviews how marketing techniques have evolved
since then, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with to most effective methods of
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