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Pillar #12 – Continuous Content
Continuous content is probably the shortest of the 13 Pillars of Internet
Marketing in terms of length, but it should be one of the broadest pillars of your
internet marketing strategy. By broadest I mean that not only should it be
ongoing, it also impacts other pillars.
If linking is queen, content is king
I can’t remember who I heard this quote from first, but it certainly describes the
high degree of importance of continuous content:
“If Linking is Queen, Content is King”.
While the number of quality links to your website tells search engines that your
site is likely to be important, search engines are less likely to rank your site
highly for a continuous period of time unless you continually update your
website with fresh, original, relevant content.
It doesn’t even have to be content produced by you or your organization. But it is
important to rank highly in search engines that it’s original content. Mad Content
(Figure 12.1) is a great value content writing service which charges just $1.50 per
100 words.
Fresh information shows search engines that your website is more likely to be
up-to-date, and therefore more relevant in your industry segment compared
with your competitors.
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