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Pillar #11 – Visitor Analysis
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Pillar #11 – Visitor Analysis
Visitor analysis is absolutely essential if you want to discover which of your
internet marketing activities is proving to be the most valuable for your business.
By tracking which websites are providing you with most traffic, knowing which
websites your users are visiting prior to your site, which websites they are
leaving your site for, and which inbound links are providing the most valuable
visitors, you can target specific areas and focus future marketing campaigns.
Here are just a few of the things that you should be finding out about your
website visitors:
- Where did a visitor come from?
- How long did they stay when they visited your site?
- Which page(s) did they visit on your website?
- Have they visited your site before?
- Can you improve your conversion rate?
- Did they complete a specific action on your website? (i.e. buy a product, complete a
service enquiry form, download a free report) Perhaps some of your visitors
opted-out half-way through an order process? Is so, that’s essential information.
Hopefully you will understand the valuable nature of this information. If you’re
looking at it from a business efficiency perspective then by paying attention to
which of your marketing activities is providing the most high-quality visitors,
then you will know where to concentrate a lot more of your energy in the future.
If you’re thinking about this from a marketing managers’ perspective, then by
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