13 Pillars of Internet Marketing HTML version

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Pillar #9 – Group Interaction
Group interaction allows you to form relationships with prospective
customers before they’re even aware of you or your company.
Pillar #9, Group Interaction covers:
- Participating in discussion forums
- Social networking groups
- Answering questions posed by other people
- Commenting on other people’s blogs
Participating in discussion forums
Discussion forums are websites on which that you can interact on to build up
your reputation as a figure of authority within your own industry.
One thing that you should ensure that you take advantage of is something called
a signature message. A signature message is a common footer, which appears at
the bottom of every post made on a forum. The great benefit of having a
signature messages is that you can generally also include a keyword-rich link
back to your website. This means that as well as driving visitors back to your
website from these forums, the search engine optimization benefits are also
extremely valuable.
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