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So Let’s start with who is Alex Jeffreys…

00003.jpgAlex Jeffreys started online in February 2004 and didn’t see the importance of list building for a couple of years.


(or more like he didn’t understand how to build a profitable list in the beginning)


So he started building a list, but didn’t see any money coming from it and he concentrated on other things, putting his list building efforts on hold.

That’s not to say he didn’t make money else where, He made good money on eBay by importing and selling motorbikes from China, and then selling information product on CDs through eBay too, This was very hands on and required a lot of time and very long working days, but he still made six figures a year, which let him instantly quit his day job in the June of 2005.

One notable seminar in April 06, where he met Tim Knox, who later became his mentor, Alex realized that the money was in the list. He learned that it is the one area every internet marketer should concentrate their time and effort on to make money on autopilot.

Alex took this new knowledge on board, and as he had learnt a lot of eBay loopholes, in November 06 he created his first online product Easy Profit Auctions (http://www.easyprofitauctions.com) from his experiences. This made $27,000 in the first 7 days

He documents this first part of his internet journey (for free) in Post Launch Profits ( http://www.postlaunchprofits.com )

The most important lesson he has learnt is to build his list, by giving good free quality information for free – he shares this lesson in Post Launch Profit Secrets ( http://www.postlaunchprofits.com/secrets ).

Let’s look when Alex, first started seeing success with his list and started to live a dream lifestyle, that for many of us is still a distant dream, but when after reading this report will be in reach no doubt

When his list was in the 100s, he saw 1 or 2 sales a week…

But in June 2007, when his list got to 2,000 subscribers, he saw $5000 from one email promotion! This is the first time that Alex hit the big time with email marketing.

The following examples are only being included as proof that it can be done, not to show off Alex’s success. There will be hurdles that need to be overcome, but if you take consistent action this could very easily be you and your results.


Look at Alex’s name in amongst some of the internet millionaires!

And he can #4 in a promotion that made over $45,168.00 in 5 days


Wouldn’t you like that to be you? Imagine the buzz! 00005.jpgWhat about this one?


Alex sent one email out to his list in January…and it’s still making him money every month..


00006.jpgThese days, you have to show proof, and you can now see that Alex knows what he is talking about and is a successful email marketer.

It is easy to get these results yourself, if you have a system. That system will be revealed to you within these pages. It is hard work, but once this system is set up you can earn money on autopilot and how fantastic is that!

Alex’s only regret is that he wishes that he started building his list back in 2004, as his list would be massive by now if only he started then…

But you can start now. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it is too hard or too late, that’s why Alex put list building off when he first started, but now look at him! This short report will take you through Alex’s list building process, which chartered his rise from puppy internet marketer to a successful internet marketer, who gurus like Michael Cheney begging him to promote their products to his list.

You will learn step by step how you can build a huge and responsive list, just like Alex. Okay 23,000 subscribers is not the biggest list in the internet marketing world, but it easily makes him a $20,000 a month, and I’d like a piece of that.

I should say Alex’s list is still growing and growing fast day by day, and Alex shares exactly how to do this, right here in this report.


Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex makes his first cool million in 2009! And if you follow his advice, you could be following fast in his footsteps too.