12 Step List Building HTML version

So Let’s start with who is Alex Jeffreys…
Alex Jeffreys started online in February 2004 and didn’t see the importance of list
building for a couple of years.
(or more like he didn’t understand how to build a profitable list in the beginning)
So he started building a list, but didn’t see any money coming from it and he
concentrated on other things, putting his list building efforts on hold.
That’s not to say he didn’t make money else where, He made good money on
eBay by importing and selling motorbikes from China, and then selling
information product on CDs through eBay too, This was very hands on and
required a lot of time and very long working days, but he still made six figures a
year, which let him instantly quit his day job in the June of 2005.
One notable seminar in April 06, where he met Tim Knox, who later became his
mentor, Alex realized that the money was in the list. He learned that it is the one
area every internet marketer should concentrate their time and effort on to make
money on autopilot.
Alex took this new knowledge on board, and as he had learnt a lot of eBay
loopholes, in November 06 he created his first online product Easy Profit