12 Income Tax Crc6edits and Incentivc6es That Can Help You Reduce Taxes with Your 2009 Income Tax Return HTML version

This book explains 12 tax incentives and credits that the average
taxpayer should consider when filing their 2009 income tax
return. It's not a book of fancy and aggressive tax strategies.
It's mostly tax credits and incentives that are listed on the first
two pages of your 2009 tax return. Most of these tax credits
and incentives resulted from the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act of 2009(2009 Recovery Act), that Congress
passed, and President Obama signed in early 2009. I have also
included a couple of tax credits that existed before the 2009
Recovery Act. The first 9 tax incentives and credits resulted
from 2009 Recovery Act and accordingly, I have included a brief
summary next to the title indicating the intended purpose and
the taxpayers affected by each credit or incentive. The last three
tax incentives and credits were in existence prior to the
enactment of the 2009 Recovery Act. The purpose of this
legislation was to jump start the economy and to get our
country out of the recession. I truly hope this works. With this in
mind, this EBook explains the available tax breaks for working
individuals, working parents, homeowners, new vehicle
purchasers, unemployed, retired, and you. This book's purpose
is to provide a detailed checklist with examples and
explanations to enable the average taxpayer to identify 12
common tax credits and incentives when preparing the 2009
income tax return. I believe that this legislation will certainly
help each intended taxpayer and I hope that it stimulates our
economy. I am optimistic that in the future we will have more
tax legislation to correct the mistakes of the past. These are not
all the tax credits and incentives currently available. You
should take steps to understand the current tax laws and also