12 Income Tax Crc6edits and Incentivc6es That Can Help You Reduce Taxes with Your 2009 Income Tax Return HTML version

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This E-Book is intended to make you aware of various tax
credits and incentives that might be available to you when
preparing your 2009 Federal income tax return. However, there
is no assurance that the information is comprehensive in its
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particular situation. Accordingly, the information provided
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Sandor Lenner,CPA has been providing accounting services for
36 years. He has an MBA in finance. He is also a Certified
also writes a blog primarily about QuickBooks Online. The Blog
is written to help small businesses become self sufficient, make
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Susan Missal Lenner,CPA has been providing accounting
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Lenner,P.A. in 1987. The firm specializes in individual and
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