12 Days in Hell HTML version

Finally he reached town, and it was crawling with a countless hoard of zombies. The
streets were full of the filthy beasts.
A female zombie with brown hair stumbled in front of Danny's car. He tried to
swerve to miss her, but she fell under his front left tire, and her head exploded between
the rubber and the road.
Danny kept on telling himself she was already dead as he drove into the Buy-Right
super center's parking lot.
He whipped the little Dodge Neon into a handicap parking space next to a buggy
coral. He sat for a few minutes, loading bullets into the ammo clips. He was preparing
himself for the absolute worst.
He cautiously climbed out of the car, palms sweating, heart pounding, and with a
sinking feeling in his gut.
He grabbed the gun and the ammo clips, stuck the gun into his belt, and put the extra
clips in his deep cargo pockets.
He grabbed the scanner radio and pressed the button and quietly said “This is Danny,
can you hear me. I am in the parking lot of Buy-Right super center.”
A voice crackled over the radio saying “This is Tom. I hear you loud and clear.”
Danny asked about Tom's location with the other survivors.
“We are in a hidden room just beyond the exit doors at the rear of the store next to
the restrooms. Be careful. You can enter into Buy-Right through the lawn and garden
section, all you have to do is climb the fence, get to the other side and slide the glass
doors open, and you will be in.”
Danny placed the radio through his belt and hurried across the parking lot.
Looking back and fourth through the parking lot he could see the shadows of the
zombies growing. He froze dead in his tracks when he heard the chattering and
whimpering behind him.
Danny couldn't see the zombie too well because it was on the ground crawling
towards him. He saw it at almost at the last minute. He kicked the teeth out of the
creature's jaw bone, and then ran full speed to the fence at the lawn and garden.
As he reached the fence he found himself dizzy and out of breath. He looked out
across the parking lot and saw that zombies were coming from all sides. Some were
missing large chunks of flesh from their throats or their arms, and many were missing
their fingers.
They seemed to move as one, all closing in on Danny's position. There must have
been fifty or sixty of the sick beasts coming toward him.
Where had they all come from? What was leading them directly toward his exact
location? All Danny knew was that he couldn't face so many of them by himself.
He had to do something and do it fast. Every second that he stood there watching
them, he was that much closer to death.
He backed up and took a running jump on the fence, but he only made it about three
feet high—and it was a twelve foot fence.
The nearest Zombie launched forward and grabbed Danny by the pant leg. It yanked
him from the fence and slammed him hard into the pavement.
Danny screamed in pain and horror when he saw the wild eyes of the zombie, with
her jaw broken off and her tongue hanging out like a dog panting for water.
He flipped on his back and scooted back away from the hungry dead.