12 Days in Hell HTML version

When he finally ran out of tears to cry Danny got up, dead inside with a black hole
for a heart.
He went downstairs and looked out the window. Sure enough he could see flames
rising up in the distance, and the sun was shining brightly. The clouds were little, white,
and puffy, drifting across the sky.
At 12:00PM Danny turned on the TV. The news stations were still broadcasting, so
that was a good thing. They were talking about how the virus or plague, as they called it,
was a form of Chemical warfare, an attack on US soil—the worst attack in the history of
America. They reported how it was airborne for the first few hours and then how it turned
into a blood borne virus. One bite or scratch would cause the victim to contract the
sickness, which was how it traveled so fast.
There was only one thing for Danny to do now—go out and find other survivors. He
got dressed and went out to his car. He drove off, for the first time without paying
attention to the sights and sounds of the world beyond his windshield.
He sped through the mountain roads and rushed to the nearest gun and ammunition
Most of the guns had been taken and there was no one in the shop guarding the
place. All Danny could think about was finding the living in the world of the dead. The
air smelled of smoke and a strange metallic substance. He still wasn't too far from town.
As he walked to the counter he shouted, “Hello! Is there anyone in here?”
A crackling noise came from behind the counter,
Danny grabbed the nearest gun and loaded it with ammo. Hoping it wasn't another
one of those creatures, he listened closely. Everything was so quiet he could hear and feel
his heart leaping in his chest.
The crackling noise sounded again.
He went behind the register, looked under it, and spotted an emergency scanner.
He pushed the button on the radio and said, “Hello, can you hear me?”
A faint voice answered, “Copy that, I read you load and clear.”
Danny's heart leaped for joy. Even if it was a stranger it was a survivor.
He asked for the location and was told that the survivors were holed up in the local
Buy-Right super center.
Danny wasted no time. He grabbed a gun and five cases of ammo. Each case of
ammo held 30 rounds, and he also picked up five ammo clips that held 30 rounds each.
He left the gun and ammo store and drove to the local Buy-Right super center.
Knowing that there were survivors out there made him feel a little bit of comfort in a
world of chaos.
As he reached town he was surprised to see the amount of damage the creatures had
done. Some buildings were on fire, while others were missing their storefront windows
and glass doors.
A lot of merchandise had been taken from different properties during the night. The
damage was fixable, and the lost merchandise could always be replaced. The thing that
really got under Danny's skin was the loss of human life.
Every zombie that was killed used to be somebody’s loved one. Danny thought back
to when he had to face his wife Molly as a monster, and just as before, he cried until there
were no more tears.