12 Days in Hell HTML version

Day 2
Police flooded the hospital.
The middle aged doctor lay in a large pool of blood in the bathroom of room 502.
The nurse was in shock, sitting in the waiting room wrapped in a blanket.
It was 1:30AM and the patients with the new virus were quarantined away from the
larger populations.
An officer shot Mr. Hawkins, and the body was moved directly to the morgue, where
they could transfer him to a medical examiner to determine cause of death and perform
more tests.
From the coldness of the body the medical examiner was able to tell that Mr.
Hawkins had died somewhere between 12:30AM and 1:00AM.
“How can this be?” he asked himself aloud. The patient had died before he was shot;
the examiner could also tell this from the blood. The tests and examination didn't lie.
He reported his findings to the doctors on staff and told them to check on the other
quarantined patients.
Doctors and nurses made their way to the quarantined section of the hospital. What
they found was what looked to be a massacre. There were fingers and mangled pieces of
flesh on the floor. Blood was smeared all up and down the walls. The smell in the air was
unforgettable; a metallic smell that must have been from all the blood.
The police were still in the building when they heard the screams of horror. They
rushed to the quarantined section to find the doctors and nurses surrounded by, for lack of
a better term, zombies.
The cops immediately opened fire. A couple of bodies dropped but at this time there
were around forty wide eyed creatures and the cops were outnumbered. One by one,
screaming in the night, the not-so-healthy were joining the ranks of the undead.
Molly's symptoms were getting worse.
She knew she needed help but with the scream still echoing inside her head she
decided the hospital was not the best place for her to be.
She didn't wake up Danny when she went to bed, she just hoped that she would feel
better later on in the day.
The clock rolled over to 5:30AM and Danny awoke to strange noises. Not those of
birds or passing cars but chattering and whimpers.
It was not like whimpering in pain, it was more like the sound of the need to do
something, the way a dog whimpers to get outside to use the bathroom. Danny turned to
see Molly sitting up in bed, and she looked to be her licking her arm.
“Honey what's the matter?” he asked.
She turned around and faced him, her lips blue and her teeth red.
“What the hell?” Danny leaned toward her to get a better look.
Her eyes were wild and she started screeching. She jumped at Danny.
He was so freaked out by the blood he saw that he didn't realize she was out for his
blood until the second time she snapped at him.
He grabbed her arm, which was covered in teeth marks. He started to call her name,
and then he realized she was not herself, and that he must fight if he wanted to live.
Molly came at Danny yet another time but Danny was ready and he pushed her to the