12 Days in Hell HTML version

Molly made her way to room 502 and knocked lightly on the door.
The patient, an older gentleman, was lying on the bed facing the door when she
walked in.
"Is there anything I can get for you to make you more comfortable?” she asked.
He sat up holding his stomach and said in a slurred voice, “I can't feel anything.”
She thought he meant he was cold, so she gave him in a blanket.
"So numb” he said.
She told him everything was all right and that he was in good hands, and she walked
out the room.
The hospital staff found out too late that the virus was airborne, only after a few
more patients were brought in with the same symptoms.
A nurse became sick, displaying the tell-tale signs of the virus.
The doctors advised patients and staff to wear face masks and to report any unusual
symptoms as soon as they experienced them.
Meanwhile, in room 502, the first patient was scratching at the flesh on his right arm.
When he broke the skin, he placed his cold lips to the cut and tasted blood for the very
first time.
His eyes became as large as disks in the sockets; and his pupils became so large that
he looked like a cartoon character. Like a wild animal, he ripped off a large chunk of
flesh from his right arm and chewed it then swallowed it.
The nurse went to room 502 to find a pool of blood next to the hospital bed and a
trail of blood leading to the bathroom.
She called down the hall for a doctor, and then went to the restroom door and gently
“Mr. Hawkins are you OK in there sir?” she asked.
But the sounds she heard coming from the other side of the restroom door told her
what she feared. She heard teeth chattering, and whimpering.
The doctor rushed in the room and he flung open the door to find Mr. Hawkins
bleeding from his arms and wrists.
At first they thought it was a suicide attempt, but after looking closer to the wounds
they realized it was teeth marks in the flesh and by the time they saw Mr. Hawkins's eyes
it was too late.
He lashed out and bit the doctor on the neck and started to drink the warm blood
which he found to be much tastier than his own cold blood. He then took a couple of big
chunks out of the doctor's throat.
The doctor, unable to call for help, lay on the bathroom floor with blood spurting out
of his wound like water from a garden hose. He took his last breath as the nurse ran out of
the room screaming in terror.
Molly was wearing her mask, but she noticed she was starting to feel some of the
symptoms that the doctors had warned about.
Her shift was over, so she was making her way to the emergency entrance when she
heard the nurse's screams echo through the halls.
Frightened, she ran to her car, a silver four door Cadillac. As she was leaving,
another ambulance screeched to a stop.
Needless to say, it was going to be a very long and hellish night at the hospital.