12 Days in Hell HTML version

Now, with the zombies out of the way, they could either wait in the super center for
help to come or they could go out into the newly dead world in search of survivors.
Everyone chose to leave the safety of the store to go out into the newly dead world to
search for survivors and start the journey to their new lives.
Where would they go and what would they do were just questions that they would
have to take one day at a time.
The cars slowly pulled out of the deserted parking lot and out onto the empty road. A
fear was upon the group but seeing as most of the zombies had been killed or were dying
of starvation and decomposition the spirits of the living were still high.
Danny, Samantha, William and Mark lead the line of vehicles onto interstate, there
was no turning back now. As they looked ahead out into the distance they could see jets
approaching lined up in formation.
“What are they doing?” Asked Samantha.
“Maybe they are searching for survivors like us.” Mark said with a hopeful outlook.
“I don't think so” Danny said.
Danny's worst fears were confirmed when he saw the large object falling from the
lead jet as the planes broke formation and disappeared faster than they had flown in. As
the unknown object was falling from the sky time stood still. Danny held his breath with
all those who were watching when the bomb struck the earth.
When the bomb exploded it wasn't the mushroom cloud that Danny had been
expecting instead it was fire that that continued to spread across the land engulfing
everything that it touched.
Danny and the others watched in horror as the enormous ball of fire being fueled by
fresh oxygen and other gasses in the air made it's way straight towards their vehicles. It
was too late to stop and turn back. There was no safety to be found. The fire ripped
through the line of vehicles burning everyone alive.
As for the the rest of America after the last bombs were dropped, little remained. The
rest of the world watched on as the last of those creatures were burned alive, not knowing
about the countless survivors that had been lost in the flames. The outbreak was finished,
the rest of the world could breathe a sign of relief knowing that those monsters were gone
for good.
The lab where the accident had happened was completely destroyed along with all
the chemicals and experiments within. The major threat had been removed from the face
of the map. The world will show her scars for many many years to come, a reminder of
man kinds lust for blood and power.