12 Days in Hell HTML version

At 6:45PM the leftover zombies were already up and walking around, much slower
than they had been in the days before. The zombies were in fact beginning to die a second
William cut a hole in the bottom of the chain link fence just large enough for the RC
car to pass through. Once it was past the fence, William steered the little radio controlled
car past a group of zombies.
The zombies turned in unison and stared at the little car in bewilderment. The car
raced across the parking lot, and the zombies chased after it in slow pursuit.
“This is going to be easier than I thought” William said as he chuckled at the
ignorant zombies. He raced the RC car around the zombies a couple of times and watched
the frustration build as the creatures grunted and reached for the car.
William then decided to control the RC car in a zigzag motion and he watched in
amusement at the zombies dancing from left to right.
In a way, it reminded him of the Michael Jackson music video Thriller. Danny,
Samantha and Mark also laughed at the spectacle.
The other survivors were inside the super center waiting to hear news of the
destruction of zombies. After teasing the zombies for about five minutes William crashed
the vehicle into the large group of zombies.
The explosion was small. Pieces of metal and nails sprayed from the pipe bomb and
into the surrounding zombies. All the zombies in the group fell down, but only a handful
stood back up.
William strapped a bomb on another RC car and fed it through the hole in the fence.
This time the zombies did not give chase. They stared at the car and as it drove closer to
them, and began to back away from it.
They did have the ability to learn, after all, but they were slower than the car so when
it crashed into a zombie's foot it exploded on impact.
The zombies were sent flying forward, and this time none got back up. William,
Samantha, Mark and Danny gave each other high fives and shouted into the night with
When Danny, William, Samantha and Mark came back inside they got on the
intercom and announced that the zombies were dead. They wanted everybody to meet up
at the front of the store to watch the movie selected for the night. Everyone grabbed
blankets and pillows and those who could not find blankets or pillows used towels and
clothing to lie down on and while they watched the movie.
After the movie was over, everyone made their way to the break room to get some
dinner. There was a lot of laughter and joy filling the room. It was as if a giant weight
had been lifted.
Danny, Samantha, William and Mark made their way into the smoker's section.
Danny lit his cigarette and they talked about how the zombies chased the RC car around
and how happy they were that their plan had worked.
After dinner everybody turned in for the night. Danny, Samantha, Mark and William
stayed up for a while in the hidden room and talked about what the new plan should be.
Day 12
After everyone woke up and had breakfast, there was a meeting to determine what
their next action should be.