12 Days in Hell HTML version

Now there was nothing more that could be done. These damned creatures couldn't
live forever. Sooner or later they would drop from starvation.
Danny went to the smoker's section of the break room and lit a cigarette. He knew
that everything was going to be all right. The creatures were in bad shape, the last stages
of decomposition. Soon there would be nothing but bones.
After finishing his cigarette Danny headed to bed. It was 9:30PM.
Day 11
Morning came quickly, and breakfast was served.
No one seemed to mind the zombies outside. They felt safe and secure in the super
center. Many of the kids and teens went back to playing the games set up in the front of
the store. The adults were placing bets on how long the zombies could survive.
Danny, Samantha, Mark and William watched the living dead through the fence in
the lawn and garden center. The zombies were all asleep on the black top. The stench of
death was all around.
Danny lit a cigarette and started puffing on it nervously. He wondered how many of
those bodies would get up and start to walk when the evening came.
Samantha, Mark and William were talking about making explosive devices out of
house hold items. William knew a little too much about making homemade bombs, but
no one was complaining about that at this point in time. They had devised a plan to rid
themselves of the zombies once and for all.
William went inside with Samantha and Mark. Danny stayed outside to finish his
smoke. The zombies were still lying motionless in the parking lot. Danny finished his
smoke and went back into the main store.
Samantha and Mark were on a quest to find the materials needed for the bombs.
William was in charge of building the explosives. As the day went on he made a few
small explosives and a couple of pipe bombs. He took the bombs out to the lawn and
garden center along with a couple of RC cars.
The plan was simple—attach a homemade bomb to an RC car and ram it into a pile
of zombies. The impact would be enough to set off the explosive. Everyone was
confident in the plan and Danny was sorry it had taken so long to think up such a clever
At noontime lunch was served. It was spaghetti rings with meatballs and grilled
cheese sandwiches.
The survivors were excitedly talking about the new plan to destroy the zombies.
There were also questions arising about what to do once the zombies were destroyed.
The dead would be up and walking again by five or six o'clock. Everyone still had
plenty of time to kill before the firework show.
Someone had the idea to have a movie night. They found a video projector, hooked it
up to a TV with a built in VCR and DVD player, and also hooked up a stereo sound
system so that everyone watching the movie was sure to hear it. The video selected for
the night was Ghost Busters.
The movie would not be played until later on in the night when all the living dead
returned to the dead.
During the rest of the day the survivors were extremely happy. They were in high
spirits and couldn’t help but to put together a party. The celebrations lasted until 6:30PM.