12 Days in Hell HTML version

He told her to let the other survivors know and to only give seconds to the children
and young adults.
She let the other volunteers know what Danny had said, then she grabbed the phone
in the break room, pressed the intercom button, and made the announcement to the whole
They had known the food shortage would happen sooner or later, but they'd been
hoping for later. There were still aisles full of canned goods, but the reality that they
couldn't live in the store forever was dawning on everyone at the same time.
They had been counting on a rescue that now didn't seem likely to happen. Then
again, they hadn't thought they were going to be rescued in the church, either. Nothing
was set in stone.
Morning gave way to noon time and everyone lined up for lunch.
Danny wasn't feeling good, so he headed to the smoker's section, lit up a cigarette,
and tried to think of a solution to the problem. After five minutes of smoking and
thinking he came up with nothing.
There was nothing more that he could do. He made his way to the hidden room to
have a much needed nap.
Danny awoke from his nap at 6:30PM. He decided to go for a walk. He made his
way to the lawn and garden area.
He heard moaning and chattering from beyond the newly constructed door.
He had known that the dead would find them. When he opened the door, he saw a
horrific sight.
Beyond the fence, zombies were shoulder to shoulder throughout the whole parking
He picked up the phone and paged William, Samantha and Mark.
When they got there, they saw a sea of zombies coming, wave after wave. They
stank of rotting flesh.
They looked nothing like the living people they had once been. All of them were
now skinny, with blackened skin all crawling with maggots. They were obviously in the
advanced stages of decomposition.
The smell was too much for Samantha. She vomited into an empty flower pot.
They had thought these stinking creatures would have starved to death by now.
They didn't have enough bullets to kill all the zombies. They were now trapped, with
no way out.
At least the zombies hadn't figured out how to get in.
Danny, Samantha, William and Mark made their way to the front of the store. When
they looked out, they saw zombies stumbling around in the parking lot.
Danny made an announcement over the intercom to let everyone know that the
zombies were back, and to tell them to stay away from the doors and windows.
The hunters and sharpshooters grabbed their weapons and made their way to the
lawn and garden. They opened the newly constructed door and walked up to the 12 foot
high fence.
They took aim and started to fire into the massive crowed of zombies. Zombie after
zombie went down with the sound of each gun blast. They continued shooting until they
were out of bullets. Surprisingly, they cleared out a large portion of the living dead.