12 Days in Hell HTML version

They finished smoking and went to the electronics department together. They started
looking through the CD section and found some of their favorite music and then they
went to a computer and ripped the music from the disks they then found their favorite
colored MP3 Players and added the music to the players by using a USB cable. They
picked out some high quality head phones and they started to enjoy their portable sounds.
The teens hadn't thought about doing that before, but now, seeing their elders with
MP3 players they thought it was a good idea and they started their own search for music.
Danny was sitting up on a recliner in the hidden room listening to his MP3 player
while reading his e book. He was completely lost into the story.
He enjoyed reading so much more than watching movies. If the author was good
enough he could paint a picture with his words and your imagination could take over
from there. Movies were too Black and White, you see what you get.
Samantha was on the sofa talking to William, and Mark was playing a basketball
game on the game system. Everyone was doing their own thing.
In the main store all was calm. A few of the kids were writing letters back and fourth
to each other. No doubt they were the kind of letters that a child cherishes and wants to
keep forever. A few kids were in the crafts section making friendship bracelets and
putting together puzzles. Some of the teenagers were building model cars, others were
drawing pictures or writing stories. Most of the girls were at the jewelry counter picking
out some nice pieces that looked good on them.
Some of the older people were drinking beers, telling jokes or just sitting around
doing nothing. It had been a good say and a lot of the kids were still chattering excitedly
about the games that they played earlier in the day. All in all it wasn't such a bad day
being stuck inside a shopping center.
Day 10
When Danny looked up from his e book reader he saw that it was 3:00AM.
He had to use the restroom so bad he couldn't stand it. He got up, walked to the
restroom, and relieved himself in a urinal.
As he washed his hands, he stared at himself in the mirror and saw that there were
large purplish black bags under his eyes.
He thought it was time to get some sleep but he knew when he returned to the hidden
room that he wouldn't be able to fall into sleep.
He headed back toward the hidden room, and then changed his mind. He was in the
mood for another cigarette. He stopped dead, turned around, and headed for the break
He walked into the smoker's section and he lit up another cigarette. He filled his
lungs with the exotic blend cigarette smoke and exhaled slowly.
His nerves were calmer already. He just sat back and relaxed while puffing smoke.
When he finished with the cigarette he headed back to the hidden room. He found it
difficult to fall into sleep; so he continued reading his e book.
He got so wrapped up in the book that he almost missed out on breakfast at 8:30AM.
The volunteers had prepared biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs and orange juice. Everybody
enjoyed their breakfast.
After he finished his morning cigarette he asked one of the volunteers how much
food was left.
She told him that the food would last for maybe a month, maybe less.