12 Days in Hell HTML version

Danny had downloaded more than a couple of books to keep him busy for a while.
He just plopped on the sofa, and he read for hours. He only stopped reading when it was
time for dinner and when the battery needed to be recharged at 11:00PM.
A new day was fast approaching.
Day 9
He read until 11:30AM. He finally got off of the sofa and picked out some clean
clothes and made his way to the bathroom to take a shower under the water hose. He
didn't stay in the shower as long as he usually did. He stayed in long enough to get clean
and that was it.
He got dressed in a hurry. His ankle was feeling so good that he didn't even put the
brace back on.
Danny thought it would be fun to hang out with the kids today. He made his way to
the youth's hang out spot at the front of the store and challenged anyone who would take
him on to a game of air hockey.
He had challenges left and right. He spent most of the day playing against all of the
kids at whatever game they wanted to play.
He found out he was a terrible shot at basketball. He got on the phone and pressed
intercom and paged Mark to the front of the store. When Mark arrived he asked if he
would shoot some hoops with the kids for a while and Mark said he would love to shoot
some hoops.
Next Samantha was paged to the front of the store and he asked her if she would like
to play with the kids and she said that would be great. He gave her the choice between air
hockey and Foosball. She thought it would be great to play air hockey.
Danny paged William to the front of the store. When William showed up he saw the
other two playing the games with the kids so he automatically walked to the pool table
and set up.
This is great, Danny thought, just a day with the kids.
Samantha, Mark, William and Danny switched games so it didn't get too redundant.
The kids were having a great time playing against the “Old People”.
Other adults thought it was a wonderful idea to play with the kids today as well, so
new faces and challenges arose as the day went on. Everyone was having a good day. The
young youth pastor brought board games for the kids and adults that were waiting for
their time on the big games.
Danny thought it was good to see everybody getting along in such a way. He went to
the party supplies and started filling up helium balloons. He tied strings to them and he
made enough for all the kids to enjoy. He then took the balloons to the front of the store
and tied them to a rail next to the game area.
When the kids saw the balloons their smiles brightened. The teens that hung out in
electronics made their way to the front of the store and got into the gaming as well. It was
just a day filled with friendly competition.
The way all things must come to an end, so did the wonderful game day. Eventually
they were all in the break room, eating dinner. Everyone was still talking about the games
and some new challenges were made for the following day.
Danny, William, Samantha, and Mark sat together in the smoker's section talking
about how much fun they had playing games all day.