12 Days in Hell HTML version

Danny had only started smoking after he lost his wife and his good friend Tom. Now
he'd made it a daily habit.
Samantha and Mark had started smoking at about the same time. The only one of the
four with enough brains to turn the smokes down was William, who got enough second
hand smoke to kill an elephant.
After Danny's smoke break he went on yet another shopping spree.
He put things in the buggy just because of the high prices. He was not pretending to
be rich, he just wanted to know what it felt like to put items in the buggy that he could
not afford.
He was starting to get hungry, so he made his way to the grocery isles.
He picked up a two liter bottle of cherry cola, unscrewed the cap and put the open
bottle in his mouth, and chugged himself a good liter of cherry cola,.
He put the bottle in the front seat of the cart and made his way to the electronics
department. He searched through all the latest and greatest electronic gear. \
He found an e book reader that took a small memory stick and he opened it up and
charged it.
He then opened a laptop computer and set it up for the internet. He was shocked
when he found the internet was still on.
He pulled out his credit card and searched online for some books to fill his new
found toy with.
He was able to find a lot of e books for anywhere around 2.99 to 5.99. He searched
for his favorite authors and, sure enough, he found many of them for a good low price.
Once the others heard that the internet was up they started pulling lap tops off the
shelves and opening them.
They saw the internet as a way of getting to know how bad the country's losses really
were. They also used them to read about whatever chemical warfare was being used.
The only information that they got from the internet was that there was an accident in
a lab in America, where the chemical was being tested.
So all the information they had heard on the news was a lie. It was an accident in a
lab in the USA that had caused such madness.
They started searching for the Army's rescue operation, and they couldn't find
anything about that either. They also discovered that really big bombs were going to be
used on the “hopeless” areas of the map.
Danny couldn't believe what he was reading. The news was very hard to swallow.
Just a couple of days ago they'd seen a news broadcast that said the US Army was going
to aid the survivors.
He couldn't understand why the government would lie about something so huge and
try to blame it on someone else. He also wondered how big the bombs were going to be
and just where the hopeless areas on the map would be.
They didn't give times or dates as to when they would drop these bombs. He started
to fear the worst. What if they were trying to clear out the American population
altogether? What if the bombs turned out to be Nuclear bombs? Danny felt sick to his
He could sure use a smoke right about now. So he made his way to the break room
and paged Samantha, Mark and William. He told them about what they'd found out on
the internet.