12 Days in Hell HTML version

He found that he was running low on smokes, so he walked to the front of the store,
got behind register sixteen, and grabbed the most expensive brand he could find.
If you were going to smoke for free, you might as well make it an exotic blend.
Danny made his way back to the break room and sat down in the smoking section.
He shared his new cigarettes among his friends.
He couldn't believe that out of all the survivors only three of them actually smoked.
He didn't mind. He actually liked just having the smoking section to himself to share with
his friends.
It seemed that this has been the longest day of Danny's entire life. He went to the
hidden room and fell asleep on the sofa.
He dreamed of the zombies and he got no rest. He tossed and turned and awoke
several times in the night.
The clock crept on to 12.00AM.
Day 8
Danny awoke at 6:30AM with thoughts of his wife flooding his head.
He tried to remember the last things he said to her that day. All he could hope was
that he had told her how much he loved her and how much she meant to him.
He decided that he should go shopping in order to take his mind off of the pain and
loneliness that he felt in his heart.
He limped to the front of the store with his ankle brace wrapped around his ankle. He
grabbed a buggy and began to push it down the personal hygiene aisle.
He grabbed some new shampoo, body wash, a scrubby, and a tooth brush, some mint
tasting tooth paste, some deodorant, razors, aftershave, and a few more odds and ends.
He walked around for hours, just taking his time, looking at shelf after shelf.
He went back to the men's section and picked out some shirts, some more pants,
socks, and a couple of pairs of shoes.
He had no need for the things he placed in the buggy. He just wanted to feel like
there was something normal about this new life, so he shopped just like he had in the
days before the dead started to walk the earth.
He had always used to hate going shopping, but now it makes him feel like there is
nothing wrong in this world. Zombies were only fictional creatures. His wife hadn't
turned into a monster, she just died.
He lied to himself a lot these days.
After his shopping spree he went for a nice shower.
He put his new clothes on the counter next to the sinks. He put his towel on the sink
as well. He stripped down and sprayed himself with the hose.
He was feeling refreshed after his shower, nice and clean. He put on his new Mortal
Kombat shirt and his new cargo pants. He also put on fresh clean socks and he slipped on
his high dollar Nike shoes.
All and all he was a fairly happy person. He still had his three new best friends.
He went to the smoker's section of the break room, pulled out the box of exotic blend
smokes, and lit one up.
He enjoyed the mellow flavor. He enjoyed the head rush too. He hated to admit it but
he was addicted. No force on earth, heaven or hell, could make him give up his smokes.
He knew the health risks involved.