12 Days in Hell HTML version

That's the funny thing about life, you never know what the day will bring.
He finished his shower and reached for the dark blue towel that hung over the toilet
on the pearl white wall decorated with butterflies. He dried himself off before he stepped
out onto the green carpet.
He put on a baby blue shirt that matched his eyes and then pulled on a pair of black
cargo pants.
He went downstairs to the kitchen, where he brewed and enjoyed a nice cup of
coffee. He slowly sipped it while he looked through the kitchen window at the world
outside. Everything seemed perfect. It was dark but he could see the stars and the moon,
which told him the skies were clear.
He was ready to leave for work at 6:00AM. He went upstairs to kiss Molly goodbye.
She told him to be careful on the road and to have a good day. She wished him luck
with the promotion that he had been looking forward to.
He'd started working for the company when he was twenty five years old, and they'd
told him to stick with it, keep up the good work, and he would go places. Two years after
starting the job he'd been promised a raise and a promotion. Today could be his lucky
Danny always tried to keep his head up and think positive. “If not today maybe
tomorrow” was one of his favorite things to say.
On the drive to work Danny took in all the sights and sounds, as he always did, but
he kept his main focus on the road. His thoughts never wandered far from his driving.
He was an excellent driver, and he loved to drive. He sometimes wished he had taken
a job with Checker Cab—or some other job where he could get paid to drive—but he
tried to live without regrets, so he just smiled and continued onward toward his job.
At 7:00AM he pulled his lime green Dodge Neon into the parking lot at the furniture
factory where he worked.
Another day, another dollar—and hopefully, a well earned promotion. He stretched
as he got out of the car, gave a small yawn, and then headed toward the factory entrance.
He spent most of the day feeding wood into a planer and collecting the sticks that
separated the sheets of wood. It was a pretty easy job but at times it was hard on the arms
and back. But he always did it without complaining, and he found that the day was
passing by quickly when he took his lunch break at 12:00PM.
He had packed a can of chicken and stars soup, a thermos full of coke, a BLT
sandwich and some crackers for his lunch. First he ate the BLT sandwich, and after that
he enjoyed the soup with crackers.
After he finished with his lunch he phoned his wife to let her know he still hadn't
heard anything about the promotion. Then they started talking cutesy baby talk to each
other, which made his coworkers raise their eyebrows at him.
He just nodded and waved at the poor idiots who must not know what it was like to
be in love.
3:00 PM came around, and it was the end of Danny's shift.
He still hadn’t received word on his big promotion. He was a little down about not
hearing from his boss, but he didn't beat himself up about it.
He knew he tried his best every day, and that it was only a matter of time before he
became a "somebody" in the factory.
He climbed into his little green car and drove away.