12 Days in Hell HTML version

Samantha, Mark, and William were playing a childish game of Go Fish when Danny
entered the hidden room. He told them about his fear of everyone freaking out, but he
kept his fear of losing it himself buried deep inside. He couldn't let them know.
They counted on him way too much, and if they thought he was losing his cool, then
they would leave him there in the Buy-Right store all alone. He couldn't face that reality.
His brain was starting to hurt.
He asked William to walk with him to the pharmacy to pick out the best headache
medicine on the shelves. William said that he would like to look for some medications for
himself as well.
William walked while Danny hobbled to the pharmacy. Danny looked at William
and asked, "What is the best medication for a headache that won't leave your insides
William reached to the top of the shelf with the headache and fever reducers and
pulled down a bottle that said All Natural Pain Relief.
He tossed the bottle to Danny and said, “Here, give this a try. It's pain relief without
the harmful side effects.”
“Thanks William, Tom was right about you. You are a very bright young man.”
“Thanks” William said as he filled a carry along basket with some strong muscle
creams and cough and cold medications.
“Feeling a little under the weather William?” asked Danny.
William replied with, “Yeah, just a little bit.”
They both decided that they had gotten what they needed and they started their way
back to the hidden room.
Danny, William, Mark and Samantha stayed in the back room telling stories of what
their lives had been like before, and talking about how if they could have made some
changes they would have. They opened their souls to each other and told of their fears
and regrets.
Danny didn't feel as bad as he had before because he'd found out that just like him
the others were worried about how much longer they would need to stay in the super
No doubt help was on the way. Good old USA never fails.
Whoever had unleashed this new virus across the Country was most likely being
punished to the fullest extent of the law.
Maybe that was why help hadn't shown up yet. Or maybe the Army was tied up in a
war against whatever country the virus had come from.
That was what had happened, he was sure of it.
Danny got lost in his thoughts for hours. He hardly spoke to anyone. He just felt like
there was no need to speak.
Everyone must have felt the same.
Then he fell asleep on the sofa.
Finally it was time for the volunteers to start another dinner to feed the survivors.
Mark called into the hidden room that dinner was ready.
Danny woke up with a startled expression on his face. Samantha, Mark, Danny and
William all headed to the break room together.
Without realizing it Danny had left his crutches behind and was putting full weight
on his injured ankle.