12 Days in Hell HTML version

The others were already there waiting on him. He lit a cigarette for himself and he
passed one to Samantha and Mark.
They finished their smokes and made their way to the hidden room where they took
turns playing one of the most exciting racing games they had ever seen.
Many people were walking around the store to get some exercise in. Many of the
kids were playing their beloved games. Some of the people went to the electronics
section and found e book readers that had 100's of books already loaded on them.
It was only 11:00AM but everybody seemed to be in a good mood. Everyone was
just doing their own thing.
It was about time for the volunteers to start making lunch. So they lined up in the
break room to discuss what they would be making.
They decided on something easy that almost everyone would like. They ended up
boiling hot dogs and making some chili and using up the hot dog buns before they went
They also brought several different brands of chips and placed them on a table in the
center of the room so that people could just make their own plates. Cheese puffs,
originals, ranch, cheddar, sour cream and onion—you name it, they had it. Everyone was
fed and almost everyone came back for seconds.
Danny got back on his motorized cart and went to the front of the store to see if the
remains were all burned up.
All that was left of them was charred ashes. It would be easy enough to find a way to
sweep the parking lot.
Danny went back inside the store and found a large rectangular push broom. He tied
it to the shopping cart of the scooter and took off back and fourth across the parking lot.
The remains sort of floated away with each pass of the broom. There were still dark
stains in the parking lot but you couldn't tell what they had come from if you didn't know.
It was much better than seeing all the zombie remains. The smell was also gone now that
the rotted flesh was burned away.
By 3:00PM the whole parking lot was clean again. No signs of zombies anywhere—
but also, no signs of rescue.
It would only be a little while before people would get tired of walking the store and
doing the same things every day. Soon they will lose their cool and start tearing the place
up. Danny was already starting to feel trapped.
He also didn't see himself as a leader. Yet everybody else did. He was not only afraid
that the survivors were going to snap but also feared that he would snap.
Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe he would feel better by tomorrow.
The time was slowly slipping away Danny's watch read 5:30PM.
He ditched the scooter and started using his crutches again. He had hopes of being
able to put pressure on his ankle by tomorrow morning. With the help of the pain killers it
might just work out that way. The ankle brace helped a lot more than he had thought it
He wanted to let his ankle rest for the remainder of the day. The sharp, shooting pain
was gone, the feeling had come back, and his ankle looked its normal color. He was sure
that by tomorrow he would be walking again.