12 Days in Hell HTML version

Danny, Mark, William, and Samantha awoke at 9:45AM and went to the break room
to cook some eggs and pancakes with buttered toast. It was a much needed meal that they
all enjoyed.
Now it was the volunteers' job to make a huge breakfast for all the survivors. They
prepared a large pan of scrambled eggs, pancakes, and muffins for everyone.
After everyone ate their breakfast, the grownups started setting up basketball nets.
They also set up pool tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables—anything they thought the
children would enjoy.
Some of the kids were walking back and forth through the Toy section looking for
something special to play with. There were just so many things to choose from in this
new store.
Danny made his way to the lawn and garden in his little electric shopping cart. He
opened the newly made door and saw that it was yet another beautiful day. If it hadn't
been for the stench of the dead, he might have been able to forget all that had happened
for a while.
He found a phone next to the lawn and garden register and pressed the intercom
This time he was looking for a clean up crew that he would take outside to clean up
the zombie remains. When he got back inside he made his way to the front of the store
and found thirty men waiting for him.
He told a couple of them to look in lawn and gardening for some shovels and he told
the others to try to find snow shovels.
They met up at they entrance again a while later and made their way out into the
parking lot. They were very quiet and very cautious, keeping an eye out for the undead.
They saw nothing except for the blood and gore that was smeared all across the
pavement. Guts, bones, brains, and limbs were smashed and spread across the blacktop.
“This might take awhile” one of the men had said as he tried to scoop zombie parts
into the snow plow shovel.
Danny agreed that maybe their tools were never designed to scoop up human
remains. He thought about it for a few minutes, and then asked the guys to check the back
of the store for another gas station and some gas cans.
They returned shortly to report that there was indeed a gas station. One of them ran
inside and got a buggy and then went to the automotive section and grabbed fifteen little
fuel containers. They all met at the gas station took turns filling up the containers.
They started pouring the fuel over chunks of the dead zombies. Soon the whole
ground was awash with gasoline.
They went inside and locked the door behind them. One of them lit a match and
tossed it over the fence. A huge fireball erupted.
Danny watched as the fire spread through the parking lot. “I sure hope this gets rid of
those remains,” he said to the others as they watched the whole thing unfold.
Samantha, Mark and William paged Danny and asked for him to come to the break
He rode his scooter all the way to the back of the store and when he entered the
break room he stood up and hopped to the smokers section.