12 Days in Hell HTML version

Again some people were setting up computers and running new games on them.
Others were reading the latest in fiction novels. Others were setting up the TVs to play
game systems on. They were all trying to distract themselves from all they had seen.
Dinner was almost ready at 9:30PM. The children were still going through their bags
of candy and trading this piece for that one.
Finally dinner was ready and all were ready to eat. People came into the break room
to fill their plates with the green bean casserole, corn, corn bread, rice and baked French
fries. Then they would wonder out of the break room and take it to their own place to eat
it, wherever in the store the wished to be.
Samantha, Mark, William and Danny went back into the smoking section eating their
food and talking about the day.
They were really getting to know each other well. It was hard to believe that they
only met each other about three days ago, It felt like they had spent a life time together as
best friends. Danny knew if he lost them there was no going on with life. He was sure
they all felt the same way about him. When they finished their cigarettes and their food
they made their way back into the store.
Danny picked up the phone and hit intercom and once again his voice flooded the
store. This time he was looking for someone to replace the lawn and garden door. He
didn't think the zombies could climb the 12 foot high fence but he didn't want to take any
A couple of men looked around the store and decided the best way to block the
entrance would be to build a door out of the fitting room walls. They worked until they
constructed a good sized door and then they bolted it into the metal frame of the smashed
sliding door. Danny checked out their handiwork and he gave them two thumbs up.
He turned the electric scooter away from the lawn and garden and made his way to
the first exit.
He pushed the door open. Nothing but the night beyond.
He checked another exit. Still nothing.
He checked the exit near the front restroom and once again he was facing the world
He then drove his cart to the rear exit next to the restrooms swung it opened and to
his delight there was also a hidden room in the new store!
He took out his radio and reached Samantha, Mark and William to let them know
about the new hidden room. It had two recliners, a new sofa, and a big screen TV.
The four of them went to find another recliner to put in hidden room and they also
searched for the newest gaming system to hook up to the TV.
While they were trapped in a store they thought they should find something to help
them pass the time. The time now was 11:57PM and they called it a night.
Day 7
Everyone slept all night long.
Many people awoke at 9:00AM to a bright and beautiful day.
The milk in the walk-in fridge was still good, and many kids got up and ate a bowl of