12 Days in Hell HTML version

They made their way to the front and unlocked the doors from the inside. As soon as
the people in the bus, vans, and cars got word on their radios, they all headed into the
Buy-Right super center.
“It's dark in here, one of the children cried.”
“It's OK” Danny said as they closed and locked the doors after all the people had
swarmed inside.
Danny, Samantha, Mark and William made their way to the breaker box and turned
on the main power. The electronic buzz was heard throughout the whole store, and one
by one the lights began to flicker on.
The children began to laugh and feel like they had at the other store, nice and safe.
Once again Danny went to the nearest phone and pressed intercom and his voice was
heard loud and clear over the stores speaker systems.
Again he asked for volunteers to do shopping, cooking, and of course some to move
and hook up stoves. The same volunteers as before plus a few new ones came to the back
of the store. They got right on working because it was almost time for them to start
Danny made his way to the break room and saw that this store also had a smoking
section. He walked in and closed the door and lit yet another cigarette.
He looked around the break room. It was so much larger than at the other store! It
even had three stove top ovens six microwaves, four coffee makers, and two large screen
Samantha, Mark and William came into the break room. They all went inside the
smoker's section.
William asked about Danny's ankle, and the other two wanted to smoke.
Danny told William with the ankle brace, the crutches and the pain medications he
was better than he had been for a few days now.
Samantha, Mike and Danny enjoyed their time smoking together. When went back
into the main store they found everyone having a good time and doing what needed to be
Danny hopped his way into the restroom and searched for a water faucet for a water
hose. He found it and then it was time for him to go shopping again. He found an
electrical cart charging at the front of the store where the rest of the shopping carts were.
He hopped on the cart and made his way to lawn and garden section where he picked
up two water hoses. Then he went to the guns and ammo, looked into the drawers next to
the cash register, and pulled out the keys to the knife box and gun case.
He steered the cart to the revolving gun case and tried the keys, The third key opened
the case.
He found a phone next to the hunting register and called for all the hunters and sharp
shooters to come pick out their new weapons. They made their way back to the hunting
goods section and piled up on new guns and ammo.
The kids had brought some of the small hand held game systems from the last store
but now at the new store there was enough of the systems in the storage area and on the
store floor for each child and teen to have his or her own! There were plenty of games to
choose from, as well.