12 Days in Hell HTML version

“So do I.” Danny, reluctantly, admitted to himself that maybe he had made the
wrong call. Maybe they would have been safer in that Buy- Right store located on the top
of that mountain in the middle of nowhere.
Danny, Samantha, William and Mark climbed out of the Neon as silently as they
Danny asked for all the hunters to take up their weapons and then he asked all the
newest members to join them if they had weapons. Forty people with guns started filling
their clips, and Danny loaded his crossbow.
At the sound of the first clip a zombie sprang to life, and made a chattering
whimpering sound, and then another ten zombies stood up
“TAKE EM DOWN!” Danny shouted, He fired the crossbow, hitting a zombie in the
The sound of gunfire filled the parking lot. Danny loaded another arrow and took
aim, shooting a zombie directly in the eye. He had to look away, because that was how
he'd killed Tom.
Round after round, the zombies were falling to the blacktop, never to get up again.
There were so many zombies left that Danny was afraid they wouldn't make it. To
make matters worse the sun was sinking fast. Soon they would run out of light and be
Danny dropped his cross bow and ordered everybody back into their vehicles, and
they all obeyed.
Danny climbed on the bus and told the children not to worry. He than asked the
youth pastor to start running over the zombies.
The heavy bus lurched forward and plowed it's way through the zombies. Blood and
guts were all over the parking lot. The smaller cars joined in the zombie hit and run
The bus made its way to the other end of the parking lot and turned around and
started down a new line just like it was trying to mow the grass.
The other vans and cars were mowing them down the same way. Soon the parking
lot was free of the living dead, but it was a mess of zombie corpses.
Danny, Samantha, Mark and William walked all sides of the massive store in a
search for an entry point. The store was completely dark. They tried going in through the
auto repair shop but the door was tightly locked.
Next they thought maybe the lawn and garden could be opened like the last store.
Mark was the one that climbed the fence. He went to the sliding glass door and pushed
hard. Nothing happened.
They made their way to the front of the store and saw that all doors were locked and
the bars were in place on the windows and the doors.
They decided it would be best if they got back to the lawn and garden section, and
this time William, Mark and Samantha climbed the fence, and they shot out the sliding
glass door. If zombies couldn't climb they wouldn't need that door anyway. They made
their way into the new Buy-Right super center.
They called out into the store and heard nothing but the echoes of their own voices.
The shined their flashlights across the store. Nothing moved. No scary, wide eyed
monsters came out of the shadows.
This store was twice as big as the last store!