12 Days in Hell HTML version

The line of cars drove slowly out of town and started off down the mountain. If there
had been any other cars on the road it would have looked like a strange funeral
procession, but there was no other traffic.
They could all see bodies lying in the streets off to the side of the road.
“Are they dead?” Samantha asked.
Danny kept his eyes on the road and said, “I wouldn't count on it.”
They continued down the steep, curvy roads. It turned out to be a real nice day.
“Great day for a drive.” Danny said as he turned on the radio and slipped a CD in the
CD player. “Not Falling” from Mudvayne started blaring through the speakers.
They didn't know where they were going. All they knew was that they had to get
Hours had passed when they reached the bottom of the mountain. The kids were
getting restless and hungry. The cars were in need of fuel.
They stopped when they found the tanker truck sitting in the parking lot of the gas
station. “That's our refill station” Danny said.
He grabbed his cross bow and pulled in next to the tanker truck. He saw how, earlier,
the cars that had used the truck had left the hose and the empty containers.
He got out of the car and scanned the area for the living dead. Then he placed the
hose in his gas tank, twisted a knob on the end of it, and fueled his car up to F again. The
church vans also fueled up and so did the individual cars.
Danny hobbled inside to turn on the pump so the church bus could be fueled up.
While he was in the store he saw that they had plenty of candy and snacks for the kids so
he got a few bags and filled them completely with candy and other sweets. He also
grabbed all the freshest sandwiches he could find along with apple pies, bubble gums and
From the bathroom he heard a scratching sound. He thought it was all in his head
until he heard the unforgettable chattering sounds. He rushed out the store as fast as his
crutches could carry him and told everyone to get back into the cars.
The zombie did not come out of the rest room but he didn't want to take the chance.
“It seems that zombies can't open doors” he said to William, Mark and Samantha.
He ran the candy to the bus and he kept the sandwiches and pies. He also put the
sodas in the bus for the children.
There were not enough for everybody so he told them to take a sip and pass it
The children were happy to get their sugar high.
Once the bus was completely filled up the line of cars took off again. Now they were
on their way.
They pulled out a map and looked for the closest town. They found that the next
large town was 20 miles away.
Surely help would be found there. So they kept driving until they reached the place.
No signs of life. No Army or anything. They drove around town until they found
another Buy-Right super center.
They had no way of knowing who or what they would run into there but with their
hopes smashed they pulled into the parking lot. There were bodies littered all on the
ground, a lot more than at the last Buy-Right.
“I have an extremely bad feeling about this.” said Samantha.