12 Days in Hell HTML version

They told of how they had all met at the bottom of the mountain and took turns
filling their fuel tanks from a tanker truck that was parked at a gas station, in the middle
of nowhere.
They decided it was not safe to travel alone so they followed each other one by one
up the steep mountains that led to this town. They saw the lights on at the Buy-Right
super center and they saw no signs of the walking dead, so they thought it would be safe
to spend the night in the parking lot.
They were amazed at how many other survivors were in the store. That's when
Danny told them of the repeating news broadcast. They all looked a little puzzled.
They said, “We've been driving from town to town, there are no signs of military
vehicles or the army.”
“They will come. It will take them awhile to come up the mountain, but we have
enough food and supplies to last a good while.”
“Do you have any fuel for our cars?”
Danny remembered that behind the super center there were gas pumps.
“Yes we have plenty of fuel for all the vehicles. The gas station is around the back of
the store. We can fill up your cars first thing tomorrow.”
Day 6
Everyone awoke to the sound of the intercom clicking on and the announcement that
breakfast was ready and everyone should meet up at the front of the store.
The children and young adults ate first, then everyone else got in line. After
everyone was fed they all gathered at the front of the store.
“OK everybody here?” came a voice from the karaoke machine.
“We will be taking a trip today” the voice continued, “so everyone get a shower and
pick out some new clothes. Bring only what you need. It's going to be a trip to the bottom
of the mountains.”
Some were very confused, and the question popped up from somewhere in the
middle of the large group of people. “Why are we going to leave if we have everything
we need right here?”
“Excellent question” said Danny over the karaoke machine. “We have a gas station
behind the store. We can all fuel up and search for another store at the bottom of the
mountains. We stand a better chance of getting rescued in the lower elevations.”
The people all looked around at one another and started to talk amongst themselves.
They all agreed it might be the best chance of rescue they would have.
The youth pastor was the first one to pull to the gas pumps in the church bus and he
filled it all the way to the top. Next the four church vans pulled into the station and they
topped off. Then the individual cars started fueling up. After a while everyone had a full
tank of gas. Every car was loaded with weapons and whatever ammo they could find.
The children and teens all climbed in the large church bus. All together there were
now fifty kids and teens on the church bus. Each church van held ten passengers, the left
over persons climbed into the individual cars.
Samantha, William, Mark, and Danny all climbed into Danny's green Neon. They
left the safety of the super center followed by the bus, four vans, and a line of cars. They
all had a long drive ahead of them, but they knew at the bottom of the mountain there was
another fuel truck just waiting for them.