12 Days in Hell HTML version

“Under the circumstances, I don't think they will mind” Mark said as he finished his
William and Samantha entered the break room together. Danny offered them a
William just said, “I don't smoke. I only wanted to check to see how you were
feeling after that fall.”
Samantha reached across the table to the opened pack of cigarettes and pulled one
out for herself. She asked for the lighter and Danny handed it to her. She lit the cigarette
and she began to cry.
It was not necessary to ask her what was the matter, everyone who was in the room
already knew. Tom had been kind of like her man, they'd had a strong connection when
they first met and they'd bonded together nicely.
Nobody had the words to say to make her feel better. So everyone kept silent as she
pulled herself together.
“So what are your plans when we get rescued?” she asked.
Nobody had given it much thought, possibly because they didn't think it would truly
They stayed in the room staring out the glass that divided them from the non
smokers. “What do you think they will do?” asked William.
Danny looked over and said “I think they will carry on like the rest of us, with scars
so deep they will never heal and will never go away.”
After everyone got their fill of dinner, they went off into the store to find something
else that would distract them from the horror that they have lived through. Until they
were rescued and on their way to a new life, it wasn't over.
Some people were sitting in metal chairs reading books, Other people were sitting at
computers playing the newest and hottest games. The teens were still playing on game
systems and watching movies on the TVs. It seemed like there was something for
everybody at Buy-Right super center.
Mark, William, Samantha and Danny all decided to make their way to the security
room. They turned on all the cameras and watched over their new found friends. They
also turned on the outside cameras and started counting the cars in the parking lot.
They counted Danny's green dodge neon, the large church bus, four of the church
vans, and they saw that there were more vehicles lined up in the parking lot. More
survivors had showed up.
They grabbed flash lights and radios and made their way to the front of the store.
They hurried out the front door, went to the new line of vehicles, and started searching
for survivors.
They found twenty five survivors in all and welcomed them into the store. Most of
them had suitcases with them and they carried them in one by one until everyone was in.
Danny was thankful that so many had showed up instead of him having to go look for
Many of them had said they've been traveling when the sickness struck. They had
some how avoided the illness but when they stopped for gas it was clear that something
was very wrong.