12 Days in Hell HTML version

The young pastor and Danny made their way to the entrance of the massive store and
waited for someone to unlock the front doors. A few minutes after waiting in the pouring
rain someone finally came to open them.
Danny and the youth pastor made their way to the hidden room in the back of the
store where Danny could lay on the sofa and keep the weight off of his left ankle.
Samantha went to the pharmacy and used a crowbar to break into the locked door.
On her way out of the pharmacy she found the most expensive ankle brace, thinking it
would also be the best.
Meanwhile the others were in the break room preparing another large dinner to feed
the massive amount of survivors. The children were hooking up game systems to TV sets.
A few children were passing around a hand held system that took mini disks and small
memory sticks. Some of the adults were talking amongst themselves about how much life
has changed since the sickness hit.
Mark and William set up a TV in the hidden room and connected it to the cable to
see if there were any news stations available. They started flipping through the channels
and they actually found a news broadcast about the sickness.
It said that the government was searching for a cure and the army was starting to
search for survivors of the plague. Millions of people had been killed across the USA.
The best thing to do was to stay inside until help arrived. Military bases across America
had troops roaming from town to town, door to door, seeking out survivors and
destroying the infected.
The living, were more numerous than anyone could have imagined. The tally of
survivors was growing with every day.
The broadcast kept repeating itself over and over. It must have been broadcasting in
a loop, just in case survivors turned on their TVs to see if there was any new news.
This was wonderful news that they thought they must share with everyone. Mark
went to the telephone, pressed intercom, and got everybody's attention and told of the
news broadcast. He survivors all cheered and it gave him hope that soon they too would
be rescued.
It was only 9:30PM. The survivors scattered across the store to eat dinner.
Danny was wearing his new ankle brace and was walking with the help of a pair of
crutches also found in the pharmacy department. He was also thankful to be on the pain
killers. He hopped his way to the smoking section of the break room, shut the door and lit
up another cigarette. He inhaled deeply letting the smoke completely fill his lungs. He
held it in for about two seconds and blew the smoke out of his mouth and nose.
He was only in there for about two minutes, when Mark walked in and asked to bum
a smoke. Knowing that there were plenty of smokes lined up at isle 16 behind the register
he pulled a smoke from the package and handed one to Mark.
“Thanks” said Mark as he took the cigarette and the Zippo lighter from Danny. He lit
the smoke and drew in a nice breath full of smoke. He hadn't smoked in a while so he
developed a head rush and had to sit down before he fell down.
Danny said, “Yeah, these things have been known to kill, you know.”
Mark smiled and drew in another puff.
“Do you think that they will come?” Mark asked.
Danny leaned forward and said “I know they will show up but I don't think they will
be happy with the way we have just taken what we need from the store.”