12 Days in Hell HTML version

After a few hours the symptoms would become worse. It was noted by many health-
care professionals that the patients would become numb, like their whole body was
asleep—not like pins and needles asleep, just completely numb, where they could no
longer feel when anyone touched them.
Without the sensation of pain the patients would start chewing on their hands and
arms, and once they got the taste of blood they changed.
It wasn't long before the infected overwhelmed the living. The illness became blood-
borne. When the creatures began to bite the other patients the illness spread faster than a
wild fire.
From the mountains of North Carolina to the coast of California the sickness was out
of control. There were people rioting in the streets.
It made it difficult to tell just what was happening. Madness had taken hold. People
were punching, kicking, biting and pulling hair. As the cops tried to break up the acts of
violence they soon noticed they were greatly outnumbered and quickly running out of
room to lock people up.
Not only were they running out of jail cells, they were running out of bullets.
Day 1
Danny Hefner awoke at 5:30AM to birds chirping and the sound of the trash truck
collecting a week's worth of garbage.
He had hopes that today would be his big day. He rolled over in bed and kissed his
wife, Molly, on the cheek. She twitched at the kiss, wiggled her toes, and tried to go back
to her restful dreams.
Danny smiled, patted her side, and arose from the bed.
They were truly a match made in Heaven. From the time they were in high school
they'd made plans to marry each other, have a couple of good-looking kids, and live in
the house on the hill, enjoying every day as if it were their last.
Danny was a muscular young man of twenty seven. He had black hair and a goatee
and he sported crystal clear blue eyes that seemed to greet you without saying a word. He
had a friendly nature about him, and a caring heart for anyone in need. He was the kind of
guy most girls spend their lives either looking for or wishing they could be with.
He had never hurt a living soul and he never would if he could help it.
Molly was his better half, and the life of the party everywhere she went. She was
twenty five years old, and happy to say she'd married the man of her dreams.
She had silky blonde hair that flowed past her waist to just below her wonderfully
curved bottom. She had the face of an angel, untouched by makeup, a wonderful singing
voice, and a way about her that always made people laugh.
Danny went into the bathroom and quietly shut the door. He reached into the shower
and turned on the water, first the hot and then the cold, adjusting the temperature until it
was perfect to the touch.
He stepped into the gold-trimmed enclosure, closed the sliding glass door, and
started rinsing himself off. He closed his eyes and gave a long exhalation through his
The water not only felt refreshing but also like it was washing away all the wrong in
the world, so he stood under it for a good five minutes before he started soaping up.
He began to sing “It's the end of the world as we know it”. He could never have
guessed how true that song would become just a few hours later.