12 Days in Hell HTML version

They both worked on piling the dead zombies onto each other and they ran into the
store to get some flammable things so they could burn the zombie bodies.
They found large cans of Kerosene and poured it all over the zombies. Danny went
inside and grabbed a Zippo lighter, a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes.
They sat outside for a couple of hours, watching the zombies burn.
They smoked their cigarettes, talking about how to go about finding more survivors.
The day was still pretty young but they both knew they didn't have much more time to
spend together.
Tom started complaining about feeling nothing. Shortly after that he raised his left
arm and bit it. As soon as he got his first taste of blood his eyes became large and he
became wild. Danny almost didn't have time to react.
He raised the crossbow took aim at Tom's face and pulled the trigger.
The arrow flew into one of Tom's wild eyes. Blood and pus oozed out of the empty
eye socket. The arrow didn't stop until it was half way out the back of Tom's head. He fell
to the ground with a thud.
Danny went inside the front of the store and asked one of the men to help move the
body into the burn pile.
One of them stepped forward and followed Danny outside. They picked up the body
and tossed it into the now raging fire. Thunder rolled in the distance.
“Looks like we are in for a storm,” Danny said.
He was now desensitized. He had killed his wife, his friend Tom, and watched as
other zombies were blown to pieces by the hunters. Now his heart was an abysmal vessel
of hatred. He no longer cared to find other survivors, but it was Tom's dying wish.
With a storm brewing up Danny jumped into the black SUV and he went in search of
more living in the world of the dead. This time they only took one bus, driven by the
youth pastor.
The rain started out as a tiny drizzle. By the time they reached the last church in
town, it was pouring and pounding on the windows. The windshield wipers were moving
at the fastest settings and Danny still couldn't see through the fogged up windshield. He
turned the defroster on low heat and it cleared up the fog but nothing was allowing him to
see through the rain.
He was hoping that he would find survivors in this church. He got out of the SUV
and ran up the steps to the church doors. He flung them opened and called inside.
“Hello is there anybody in here” his voice echoed off the walls as he stepped inside.
He opened the double doors that lead into the sanctuary and found it to be empty.
“What a waste of time!” Danny said as he rushed out of the church and into the rain.
He slipped on the first stair and fell the rest of the way down.
The young youth pastor rushed out to help him. Danny got to his feet and found out
he couldn't put any pressure on his left ankle. He thought it must be broken or really
badly twisted.
The young pastor helped him on the bus and closed the doors. “Are you OK?” he
Danny replied, “I've seen better days.”
The youth pastor started the bus and drove it back to the Buy-Right super center.
The burning zombies had been reduced to a pile of ashes. The rain put the fire out
and the air smelt strangely of electricity.