12 Days in Hell HTML version

sounds of birds chirping. The sky was a brilliant blue; not a zombie in sight, but the
stench of the dead lingered in the air.
Tom and Danny told the other men that if they saw bodies lying on the ground not to
go near them, because the zombies sleep during the day.
Tom and Danny jumped into the black SUV and wired the car where the engine
would start again. They led the bus and the four vans out of the parking lot.
They made their way back over the mountain roads and passed the first church they
had been to. A few blocks away they turned into the parking lot of another. There were
bodies on the pavement.
Each man was armed with a gun, and they carried plenty of bullets. They just hoped
they would not have to use them.
One of the bodies got up and made a long groaning sound and it seemed that he was
communicating with the other zombies. One by one they started to stand.
Tom put the Black SUV in drive and started hitting them. He took out six and he
didn't give any others time to jump up, he just started running over the lifeless bodies.
The SUV bounced over them with ease. On every bounce you could hear them giving
way with a thud.
Tom drove all the way around the church, back to the front entrance, and put the
SUV in park. Danny and Tom got out of the vehicle and walked to the doors of the
church. They pulled out their weapons and tried to push the door open, but it was locked.
Tom went to the window and tried to look in. It was impossible to see in through the
stained glass windows. He took out his hand gun and shattered the glass. Inside he could
see movement, he smelled death. He tried to look into the window but he still only saw
shadows moving, he called in through the broken class that he was there to help.
Suddenly a wide eyed man burst through the window and grabbed Tom by the neck.
Danny was fast to react and he kicked the zombie in the face.
It was too late. Tom had been scratched.
More zombies appeared at the shattered window. Others came from the back of the
church through an open door they had somehow missed when they drove around the
Danny told Tom everything would be alright. They would make him as comfortable
as possible when they got back to the Buy-Right super center.
Tom couldn't believe what just happened. He knew that soon the infection would
take hold and he would become one of “them”.
Danny jumped behind the wheel of the black SUV and led the bus and four vans to
the safety of the Buy-Right super center.
It was still early in the day when they reached the store. The sun was high in the sky
and the clouds made it look like it would rain. Danny and Tom went into the store
It wasn't long before Tom started having symptoms: the blurred vision, slurred
speech, going from extreme hot to extreme cold, vomiting, and diarrhea. They both knew
it was only a matter of time before he would change. They had to figure out what to do,
and fast.
Tom and Danny agreed on putting a cot from the camping department outside of the
lawn and garden section just outside of the 12 foot high fence. They got the cot and made
their way out the front of the store to the side of the building.