12 Days in Hell HTML version

Danny had asked over the intercom if there were any hunters or sharp shooters and if
they could make their way to the back of the store. About thirty men showed up, all
members of the church, and all hunting buddies.
He told them he knew it wasn't going to be easy to do this task but they needed to
narrow down the zombies as much as possible. He equipped them with weapons and sent
them out into the lawn and garden section. Then he asked them to make as much noise as
possible to lure the zombies to the garden fence and when they came around they could
fire the weapons through the fence and hopefully thin out the hoard of zombies.
The men all started screaming and jumping up and down and sure enough the
zombies found their way to the fence.
“This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel,” one of the hunters said.
The zombies came close to the fence but again showed no climbing ability. The men
took their guns and started firing into the night. Most of the bullets hit their marks and the
men shouted with the joy of having thinned out the large group of zombies.
There must have been over a hundred zombies and the bodies continued to fall as
each blast rang out into the night. Finally the survivors had the upper hand. All but ten of
the zombies were dead. The hunters talked about it and took aim at the last ten standing
and fired. All the zombies in the parking lot were now on the ground unmoving, dead.
The hunters went inside and reported the good news over the intercom. The people
cheered and ran to the barred windows for a look outside. It was dark but no zombies
were out.
They remained happy. At 9:00PM dinner was served.
There was pizza for the youth, tacos for whoever wanted them, salads, and
sandwiches. It was a large feast and everybody was fed.
Things were definitely looking up. Danny was hopeful that they would all be rescued
and taken somewhere much safer, where they could actually have individual rooms,
bathrooms, kitchens, play areas and everything they needed to start life over.
They knew with the staggering number of survivors found in that one church that
they must go out tomorrow and look for more survivors. Danny and Tom went to the
youth pastor and asked him if he would be willing to drive the church bus to look for
more survivors.
"Of course," the youth pastor said. “I will do anything to serve, and if you think there
might be more survivors I will be willing to pick them up.”
The youth pastor found four other men and brought them to the hidden room where
Samantha, William, Mark, Tom, and Danny were sitting
He said, “Here are some more drivers.”
Danny looked up and greeted all four men and said how thankful he was to have
people ready and willing to go on the dangerous mission of locating survivors.
Each driver would drive his own van and they made plans that night to rescue more
human lives.
Everybody found a place to lay a pillow and a blanket, when they ran out of pillows
they would find towels and clothing to lay on and then they all got ready and said
goodnight. The time now was 11:55PM.
Day 5
Tom, Danny, the youth pastor, and the four other drivers went out the front door and
into the parking lot. They were welcomed by a sound that they hadn't heard for days; the