12 Days in Hell HTML version

They took off down the road in the black SUV with a bus and four vans behind.
They drove through the mountains back to Buy-Right super center.
They pulled up to the front entrance and radioed to Samantha, Mark, and William to
unlock the front doors of the store. They had many survivors. Mark and William made
their way to the front of the massive store and unlocked the doors while Samantha stayed
in the back room making screams over the radio to the two radios out the back door.
The zombies remained at the loading dock of the supermarket while Tom, Danny
and about eighty others made their way into the front door of the store.
The time now was 7:00PM. They had another long night ahead of them but at least
they made it into the store safe and sound.
With the front doors of the store locked again and the bars on the windows and doors
they decided to turn on the power to the whole store. The store was now well lit, and
everybody could see each other clearly.
They were then told to make themselves at home, that there was access to water
hoses in the restrooms where they could shower. Any needed supplies could be found
within Buy-Right. The members of the church were reluctant to take anything without
asking and without paying for it.
Tom then told them, “Your money is no good here, not now. Please feel free to take
what you need.”
Tom started to explore more of the store and he found the employee break room. It
had a stove, microwave, toaster oven and coffee makers. There were plenty of seats and
even a smoking area.
He came back into the main store and picked up a nearby telephone and put it up to
his ear. He heard nothing, no static, no crackling just anything at all. He pushed the
intercom button and he heard himself breathing over the stores speakers.
The others heard it too. He made the announcement that there was a way to cook
food and he needed some volunteers to do some shopping and some other volunteers to
do some cooking in the break room. He also asked for help to hook up more stoves and
ovens so they could have more people cooking.
Many volunteers showed up at the front of the store more than willing to shop and
cook for the survivors. They had enough people willing to help to split the group up into
two smaller groups, the cooks and the shoppers. There were also enough volunteers to
help with getting more than one stove operational.
Everyone seemed happy to be in a well lit store. It was much better than being in that
cold dark church.
The shoppers filled their buggies with frozen meats, canned goods, breads, pizzas,
tacos, and noodles of all shapes and sizes. Tonight would be a pizza night.
The youth were with their youth pastor and he was leading them up and down the toy
aisles. He told them to pick out toys that they could share and have fun with to keep them
busy throughout the day.
The less they thought about those monsters that lurked outside the better off they
would be. He picked out some card games and some of his favorite classic board games
and tucked them into the youth shopping cart.
Many people were putting together beds, tables, desks and anything else they
thought they might like to have right in the middle of the store.