12 Days in Hell HTML version

They went back into the main store. Suddenly Danny figured out why the zombies
were in a circle around the radio.
He had a plan. He talked it over with Tom and the others, explaining that it might be
possible to lure the zombies to the back of the building using a couple of two way radios.
They had to act fast if they wanted it to work. Mark and Tom volunteered to take the
radios out the loading area at the back of the store. They placed one radio on one side of
the back doors and another on the other side.
They closed and locked the doors. On another radio Danny started making loud
noises, and the hordes made their way to the back of the store, leaving the front and side
parking lots empty except for the two truly dead zombies at the lawn and garden fence.
Samantha, William, and Mark stayed in the store making noises over the radios as
Danny and Tom jumped the fence of lawn and garden and made their way to a large
black SUV parked in the side lot next to lawn and garden.
They had no luck finding a key but Tom said he could hot wire the car. Danny sat in
the passenger side of the SUV as Tom crossed the wires and the big car roared to life.
They peeled out of the parking lot and onto the main road.
Danny and Tom were heavily armed, ready to start their search for survivors.
They decided to check all the local churches. The first church they pulled up to was a
two story Baptist church.
They exited the vehicle and cautiously looked around. There were no signs of the
dead or the living. They went to the door and turned the knob, listening.
When they decided the coast was clear, they finally turned on their flashlights. They
went from room to room, looking for any signs of life.
When they reached the middle of the church and opened the double doors that led
into the sanctuary, they spotted bodies in all the pews. But they noticed that the air
smelled not of death but of body odor and sweat. These people were alive!
“Hello!” Danny called. One after another heads started popping up from their resting
“My name is Danny and this is Tom, we want to take you to a new place of safety.”
People sighed in relief that help had come. There was cheerful whispering
throughout the church.
“We have to act fast if we want to make it there alive.” Tom said.
“Is there anyone here that can drive the church bus” Danny asked.
One man stood up and said “I am a regular driver of the bus.” It was the youth
“Are there any more people located in other parts of this church?” Tom asked.
“No,” said the youth pastor. “We are all in the sanctuary.”
“Good,” replied Tom. “Follow us.”
There must have been sixty to eighty people lined up to go trough the doors of the
church and they made their way to a large church bus that only held about thirty people.
They squeezed onto the bus more packed than a can of sardines.
All together there were forty passengers on the bus. Others climbed into the four
remaining church vans. The keys were always kept above the driver's seat in a magnetic
box that was attached to the roof of the vans.
“Follow us, keep together and when we get to where we are going keep quiet.”