12 Days in Hell HTML version

Mark found a pallet jack behind the double doors that led to the shipping docks. He
wheeled it into the main store, and then asked the others over the radio to help him move
a refrigerator to the back room.
Samantha, William, Tom and Danny made their way to the back of the store with
their new supplies. They left their full buggies there and went to help Mark with the
They were able to stand the heavy appliance on the pallet jack, and they all walked
back to the hidden room together. Everyone helped unload the fridge from the pallet jack
and they plugged it into one of the strange looking outlets in the room. It buzzed to life.
They were happy at the thought of staying safe in comfort. If they stayed in the store
they would have everything they needed to survive for a long time.
Danny still said they should move on and search for other survivors, and then they
could return to the store after they were finished. Tom and the others agreed that there
must be more survivors out there. Maybe they were stuck in their own homes unable to
fight the hordes of the undead.
With their new found weapons they stood a chance of survival. Danny, Tom,
Samantha, William, and Mark made their way to the front of the store to have a look at
the parking lot.
They could see bodies in the street. They scanned the whole parking lot and it looked
like the nightmare could actually be over. They looked all across the empty parking lot,
seeing no sign of the living dead.
They went to the lawn and garden to have a look. They saw more bodies lying
motionless in the parking lot, but no signs of movement. Only the stench of death filled
the air.
“Maybe the beasts have starved to death.”
Danny could sense something was not right about it. The hungry dead had to be
somewhere close by.
Tom climbed the 12 foot high fence and jumped to the other side.
He was armed with the 12 gauge shot gun. He made his way to a circle of bodies,
wondering why they were in such a strange circular pattern.
He stepped over one body, and then he saw the radio in the center of the circle.
He heard a sharp hiss of breath, and it dawned on him that these were not just dead
bodies they were the bodies of the undead.
He tried to hurry over the body that he had stepped over, but it grabbed him by the
He aimed his shot gun and pulled the trigger. The bird shot scattered into the upper
torso of the hideously deformed zombie.
The other zombies roared to life, scratching and biting at Tom has he ran back to the
He jumped back to the other side, to safety. The others asked if he was OK. He said
he was, but they had just about scared him into a heart attack.
Now they knew the living dead slept during the daylight hours. The shotgun blast
had awakened all the other sleeping zombies and they were soon surrounding the lawn
and garden section on all sides.
“Well, looks like we will need to wait till tomorrow if we want to make it out of the
parking lot alive.” Tom said.